Meet the Team

Kevin SirotekSelf diagnosed with an oil addiction and coming from a long line of motor-enthusiasts, Kevin is a 4th generation stakeholder in Illinois Auto Electric Co. (1915), parent company of American Wrench. He has vision, a design/3D background and experience in the fuel category, personally and through business. Kevin's belief is that everyone should experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Horsepower.
Brian SirotekBrian is a 4th generation stakeholder and VP of Operations at Illinois Auto Electric Co. (1915), parent company of American Wrench. He has been riding motorcycles nearly all of his life, and has a deep-rooted passion for fuel-burning machines and driving fast.
Dylan MollerWith a passion for innovation, Dylan has been building and evolving businesses from recording studios to entertainment properties for more than 15 years. Armed with an MBA and a film degree, he brings a focused management style and a creative edge for production management. Dylan is always pushing forward and never satisfied.
Randy SchwarzTo make some extra money, Randy's father did hot rod work on the side and had a different project going in their garage every weekend as he was growing up. Randy has been building hot rods / customs on his own since he was 16 years old and is now known for building some of the finest machines around. Randy's passion for mechanical excellence results in experiences that have not been had before, or as he puts it, "Making dreams come true."
Jake SchwarzJake Schwarz has been tooling on cars and motorcycles since he was a kid, growing up among the many hot rods at his dad's shop just outside of Chicago. In his spare time, Jake enjoys riding, working on, and customizing his cafe racer, and going to hot rod shows whenever he can.
Dan Ulreich Obsessed with model cars as a kid, Dan moved on to painting his friends bikes, and when he got his first car at the age of 15, he painted that, too. Paint and body work are Dan’s area of expertise, and he tries to outdo himself with each project. His work is regularly seen on covers of industry magazines, and his body work skills have proven critical to executing the vision for Rivet.  
Paul Quinn Growing up in Chicago, Paul was 16 when he started building cars with his brother. In 1978, Paul obtained a degree in mechanics, further expanding his knowledge in paint and body work. When putting his skills to work, Paul’s number one goal is to make the customer happy.  
Aaron KellyAaron Kelly has been with American Wrench since 2007, doing film & video editing, website design, e-commerce administration, and event management, among other things. When he's away from American Wrench, Aaron spends his time as a touring songwriter.